Thank-you’s and welcome at the AGM

At the 2023 ACPEWA AGM on 27 March, thanks were offered to Michelle Benjamin, Geraldine Taylor and Judith Peterkin as they step back from roles within ACPEWA that they have contributed in for many years.
Thank-you Michelle for your seven years of service as R&C Chair.
Thank-you Geraldine for your years of service as a member of the R&C.
Thank-you Judith for your many years of service to the Management Committee.

Welcome to Jake Gosling and Meliata Thomason who join the Management Committee.

R&C Updates

After 7 years of dedicated leadership as Chair to the ACPEWA R&C Committee, Michelle Benjamin has decided to step aside and Helen Vester has agreed to take up the role. Thank-you Michelle for all you have offered and continue to offer to ACPEWA.

In March 2023, Helen also became a Provisional Clinical Pastoral Education Consultant. In this role she will offer mentoring, education and supervision to those training in CPE Supervision across Australia and New Zealand.


A big thank-you to Judith Peterkin who will be stepping down from her role on the ACPEWA Management Committee after the AGM at the end of March 2023. Judith has been the backbone of ACPEWA since its inception. Judith, we are indebted for all that you have done for CPE in WA.

Thank-you also to Geraldine Taylor who recently stepped down from her role on the ACPEWA R&C Committee. Geraldine too has offered her services to ACPEWA in a variety of roles over many years.

We offer Judith and Geraldine our very best wishes.

ACPEWA and Royal Perth Bentley Group

ACPEWA Inc is sad to acknowledge that Royal Perth Bentley Group has relinquished its association with ACPEWA as at 28 October 2022. ACPEWA Inc continues to offer accredited CPE programs through the Perth Community CPE Centre.

ANZACPE Conference 2022

Judith Peterkin attended her final Conference for CPE Supervisors and Educators 21-24 August 2022 in Melbourne. Judith has contributed much to CPE in WA and across the Australia and New Zealand network over many years. Thank-you Judith, you will be missed.

Photo: Judith (centre), accompanied by Clinical Pastoral Educators Michelle Benjamin and Helen Vester at the Conference dinner.

Changes Afoot

Clinical Pastoral Educator Helen Vester will be leaving her full-time role at Royal Perth Hospital. She will continue running CPE programs on a part-time basis with the Perth Community CPE Centre, while enjoying more time with family and engaging in other activities that nurture her soul.

Intensive CPE Program in Albany

An Intensive CPE Program in Albany was concluded in December 2020.
The five participants successfully completed the Program.