Application Process

The application process begins by submitting a written application to one of our Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Centres. Your application will include a cover sheet and several reflective essays including an account of your life experiences, the development of your spiritual/religious/philosophical perspectives, your professional or work history, a description of a time of crisis in your own life, a description of how you helped another person in crisis, and your understanding of CPE.
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Once your completed application has been received, it will be reviewed and you may be invited for an interview.  During the interview we will assess your ability to reflect on your life and practice, your level of professionalism, your learning style and how you might use your CPE experience in your professional practice. Shortly after the interview you will be notified whether or not you have been accepted into the course.
Upon acceptance, you will be provided with a list of documents and tasks which will need your prompt attention. These include health assessments/ immunisations and background checks (police clearance and working with children check) and any other matters as required by the CPE Centre or clinical placement.

Please find application forms and other materials on our centre’s websites. Please direct your completed application as well as any questions you may have directly to one or both of the email addresses below.

Royal Perth Hospital - CPE Centre

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Website: Click to visit

Contact: Michael Hertz OR
Helen Vester
Wellbeing and CPE Educators


For more information, upcoming program dates and application materials, visit the Royal Perth Hospital website CPE page

Perth Community CPE Centre

The Perth Community CPE Centre is registered by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education in Western Australia Inc. with Michelle Benjamin, an accredited CPE Supervisor with ACPEWA Inc. as the Centre Director.

The Centre invites expressions of interest from persons and organisations who are interested in Clinical Pastoral Education for their professional development or for their pastoral carers either as a first or subsequent CPE Unit or as part of a formation program for ordination into a faith community.

Upcoming CPE Programs:

An Intensive CPE Program in Albany will commence in July and conclude in November 2020. It is fully subscribed.

A Part time CPE Program in Perth Metropolitan area will commence in early February 2021 and conclude at the end of May 2021.

Closing date for Applications October 30 2020

Contact: Centre Director Michelle Benjamin

Email: for an Application Package and more information.