Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What qualifications do I have to have to be considered for a unit of CPE?

A: Students need to have a minimum education level equivalent to high school graduation as the course does require a significant amount of written reflection. A demonstrated ability to reflect on one’s own story and the impact of significant life events is essential.

Q: Do I have to be ordained or work in pastoral/spiritual care to apply for CPE?

A: No, however a supervisor will want to know how you plan to use this training.

Q: How do I find out what CPE units are on offer in WA?

A: If upcoming courses are not posted on the Royal Perth Hospital or St John of God Health Care websites, please contact the relevant Centre Director.

Q: Can I apply to both CPE Centres?

A: Yes, both Centres will consider your application independently and confidentially.

Q: How do I apply to do a unit of CPE?

A: Please visit one or both of our CPE Centres’ websites for details of the application process.

Q: Why do I have to write so much in my application for a unit of CPE?

A: The application process is intensive. The CPE supervisor needs to assess your ability to reflect on your experiences before deciding if an interview would be appropriate. A CPE unit also requires a significant amount of written reflection.

Q: Is CPE offered in regional areas of WA or online?

A: From time to time CPE is offered in regional areas, please contact one of the CPE Centres for details of what they are currently offering. CPE is offered in different formats eg full time, intensive (3 day blocks each month), one day or one evening each week. Regional students may find one of these formats suitable. So far no online unit has been offered in WA, although we hope to do so in the future.

Q: How much does it cost to do a unit of CPE?

A: The fee for a single unit of CPE is approxmately $1500. There are no other associated expenses. Contact the CPE Centre of your choice for further details.

Q: Do I have to find my own CPE placement?

A: No. Both WA CPE Centres will place you within their hospital environment.  In certain circumstances, our centres may make arrangements for you to count your current employment as part or all of you CPE placement.  Please discuss this with the Centre Director.

Q: I’ve completed my CPE application, where do I send it?

A: CPE applications are submitted electronically. Email addresses are provided on our centres’ websites.  Please contact your preferred CPE Centre for more details.