Registration and Certification Committee (R&C)

The Registration and Certification Committee shall consist of the Chairperson, The President of the Association (ex-officio) and not less than four members and not more that six members, at least three of whom shall be members of the Association. (Constitution, Article 16.1)


Michelle Benjamin – Chairperson

Michelle has thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of the experiential learning model used in Clinical Pastoral Education, which has equipped her to care for a diversity of people in complex contexts.  Michelle is accredited by ACPEWA as a Level 2 Supervisor.  She has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Nursing Primary Care), and Graduate Diplomas in Christian Studies and Spiritual Direction.  She is currently Centre Director of the St John of God CPE Centre and maintains a small private practice in supervision.

Judith Peterkin

Judith is a Level 2 Supervisor, now retired after twenty-five years as the Director of Clinical Pastoral Education at Royal Perth Hospital.

Academic:  Diploma in Pastoral Studies, Bachelor of Theology, Masters in Social Science (Counselling)

Professional:  Judith is an accredited Level 2 clinical pastoral supervisor and a supervisory member of the Australian and New Zealand Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ANZACPE).  She is also an honorary fellow of ACPEWA and President of the ANZACPE.  Judith is a licensed Anglican priest in the Diocese of Perth.

“Within my small supervisory practice, I function as an independent CPE supervisor with a reflective focus on pastoral and supervisory identity.”


Cheryl Meta – Secretary

Cheryl holds a Bachelor of Theology with a minor in counselling. She completed units of Clinical Pastoral Education in 2007 and 2011.  Currently employed as the Pastoral Services Coordinator at St. John of God Mt. Lawley Hospital, Cheryl enjoys being an active part of the ongoing life of ACPEWA.

Geraldine Taylor