Our Standards

ACPEWA Inc accredits CPE Centres, Foundational and Advanced CPE programs, Clinical Pastoral Supervisors, Clinical Pastoral Educators and Clinical Pastoral Education-Consultants in WA, in association with ANZACPE Ltd (Australia and New Zealand Association for Clinical Pastoral Education). Below are the standards we are governed by. Please contact us if you require more information.

Preface to ANZACPE Standards

ANZACPE Standards Foundational Advanced CPE 2020

May 2020 Standards-for-Registration-CPE-Centres

July 2021 Advanced Competencies

Standards Concerned with Entry into Supervisory CPE January 2022

ANZACPE Standards Clinical Pastoral Supervisor CPSup-2020

ANZACPE Standards Clinical Pastoral Educator CPEd-2020

ACPEWA Inc. Standards for the Registration, Administration and Direction of CPE Centres in Western Australia

ACPEWA Policy 8 Registered Centres – Compliance with Insurance Policy and ACPEWA Inc. Standards_ Notification to run a CPE Programme

ACPEWA Policy 9 – Supervisory Scholarship