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We offer a variety of options to meet the needs of as many students as possible. There are full time and part time units, day and evening programmes, public and private hospital experiences, a variety of clinical placements and a diverse group of educators.

Underlying those options are some basic requirements.  Each course is a minimum of 400 hours of supervised education and experience.  Classroom time and individual supervision account for 100 hours, with the remainder of the time being spent in activities related to providing care for people in the clinical or placement setting.
Each programme begins with an orientation period designed to prepare students for the experiences ahead.  The curriculum includes a variety of seminars and experiential activities designed to foster the self-awareness, theoretical knowledge and professional competency necessary for providing compassionate care, guidance and support for people in challenging situations.
The classroom work begins with an individualised goal setting process and an introduction to the ACPEWA learning outcomes around which the course is designed.  At the midpoint of each unit there is a structured evaluation process and an opportunity to refine and re-focus learning goals.  At the conclusion of each unit there is a final evaluation process, opportunities to celebrate each participant’s achievements and an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the programme offered.

At graduation, each successful participant is awarded a certificate of completion by ACPEWA.  The completion of at least one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education is an employment prerequisite for many pastoral and spiritual care jobs in WA.