Five ACPEWA Educators attend ANZACPE Conference


Five ACPEWA Educators attended the annual ANZACPE Conference in the Gold Coast 11-15 September. Wendy McKay was accredited as a Level II Supervisor, while Judith Peterkin was elected as President of ANZACPE. Also present were Michael Hertz, Helen Vester and Michelle Benjamin. Michael, who was recently granted Acting Level III Supervisor status and Helen (Acting Level I Supervisor) stayed on after the Conference for 1 1/2 days of education in supervision, an opportunity to discuss their CPE supervisory practice in detail with peers and to gain valuable insights from senior colleagues from the Eastern States.

The Conference proper closed with an invitation from ACPEWA to attend the next ANZACPE Conference in Perth in August 2017.

St John of God CPE Centre graduates 5 students

Congratulations to the five students that graduated from the St John of God CPE Centre on 24 June.

Michelle Benjamin, Mary Prentice, Claire Cox , Anne Groves, Wendy de la Nougerede, Lil O’Toole , Wendy McKay
Michelle Benjamin (Supervisor), Mary Prentice, Claire Cox , Anne Groves, Wendy de la Nougerede, Lil O’Toole , Wendy McKay (Centre Director)

Joe Laundy Testimonial


CPE helped me learn a variety of counselling skills and appreciate the wide scope of responses and methods to care for patients in tough times. The training was instructive, enriching and shaped my learning and development in becoming the pastoral worker I am today. CPE was a worthy and instrumental step towards being a pastoral care-giver.

Joe Laundy

Ian’s Story

Ian photo

Being a CPE student has provided me the tools, resources, and opportunity to challenge my assumptions and fears. It has helped me to move beyond my comfort zones and to deepen my relationships with  patients. I am now more intuitive, relational and respectful of others’ sacred spaces.

Ian Blackburne