ACPEWA Inc, a professional body for CPE in Western Australia, is committed to the promotion and philosophy of experiential education for pastoral and spiritual care. It promotes the education of CPE participants to become competent, professional pastoral/spiritual carers and for those who choose to study further a path to become an accredited Clinical Pastoral Supervisor, Educator or Education-Consultant.

ACPEWA maintains standards for CPE programs and accredits CPE Centres, Clinical Pastoral Supervisors, Educators and Education Consultants. ACPEWA also provides professional development events for members and others.

As a not-for-profit association, ACPEWA relies on membership fees and the the generously donated time of committee members and others to further its activities. Each year, a proportion of ACPEWA funds are made available to support educational activities for those wishing to progress towards becoming a Clinical Pastoral Supervisor, Educator or Educational Consultant.

ACPEWA is a member of ANZACPE Ltd (Australia and New Zealand Association for Clinical Pastoral Education). ANZACPE is an umbrella body that seeks to facilitate cooperation between its member associations and works towards creating common standards and agreements for the way we interact with each other. You can read more on the ANZACPE website.

ACPEWA is proud that some of its Clinical Pastoral Educators are accredited with the University of Divinity to offer CPE that can be credited as 48 points (equivalent to two subjects) towards a University of Divinity qualification. These students can also access FEE Help.

Below is an excerpt from the ACPEWA Constitution detailing the ‘Objects and Purposes of the Association’.

ACPEWA Constitution

1.2 Objects or Purposes of the Association

The purpose of the Association is to promote Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) within diverse settings by means of:
i. experiential education for pastoral and spiritual care, informed by theory and practice and
ii. education in the theory, methodology and practice of clinical pastoral supervision. 

This purpose is practiced in the following ways:
a. Professional Standards: Develop and maintain professional standards for: 

A. the accreditation of Clinical Pastoral Education supervisors at all levels; 

B. the certification of:
i. CPE participants’ engagement with the learning objectives of programmes of Clinical Pastoral Education; 

C. the facilitation of processes for:
i. Accreditation of supervisors
ii. Consultation and review for Clinical Pastoral Education graduates; 

D. the development, provision and promotion of an ethical code of conduct for all members; 

b. Registration: 

A. maintain and support a register of Clinical Pastoral Education graduates, certifications and accreditations achieved by its members; 

B. registration of all Clinical Pastoral Education Centres; 

C. hold and circulate a list of ACPEWA Inc. accredited supervisors working in private practice and holding private insurance. 

D. initiate processes of periodic review of CPE practice in registered CPE Centres 

c. Centres: Promotion and support of Centres offering Clinical Pastoral Education programmes. 

d. Insurance: Maintenance of insurance cover for ACPEWA Inc. accredited supervisors, Office Bearers, Management Committee members and participants in registered CPE programmes within Western Australia; the cover including Voluntary Workers’ Personal Accident; Public and Products liability; Protector Liability which includes professional liability, management liability, Association liability, employment practices liability, employee fraud or dishonesty and other insurance as needed. 

e. Professional Development opportunities for its members. 

f. Sustainability: Promotion of the sustainability of CPE programmes in Western Australia through the development and support of CPE supervisors and CPE Centres. 

g. Affiliation: Establish relationships and maintain reciprocal recognition of Standards, Accreditation and Certification processes with CPE Associations in Australia and New Zealand. 

h. Research: Support for research and development of CPE supervision, education and the practice of pastoral and spiritual care and well-being.